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Hello and welcome to our Stones to Pounds website where you can easily convert this weight to either stones or pounds. We've tried to make this website as easy to use as possible so you can convert different weights and get on with your day.

How many Pounds in a Stone?

We often get asked "How many pounds are in a stone?" and the answer is 14 Pounds are in a Stone.

It's really easy to use. Simply adjust one of the figures in the boxes to the right of the screen and you'll instantly get a conversion on the opposite side with every key stroke. It's probably the quickest way to convert between Stones and Pounds on the web. If you do this a lot then please bookmark this page for easy conversion in the future.

Most people use this website because they have been given a certain weight in either Pounds or Stone and they wish to convert it to the other or visa-versa. This often happens when reading things with different metric conversions and we need to convert it to make more sense. This site is also used by people who have weighing scales that only display a certain unit of weight on them.

Stones To Pounds Converter & Pounds To Stones Converter

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Website checked and updated DAILY. 1 Stone = 14 Pounds (lbs) (updated 30-07-2015)

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